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Aria’s Story is a horror RPG game made using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is focused on exploration, story and puzzles. One of the main characteristics of the game is the contrast between cute and creepy. It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib.


Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.


Arrow Keys:  Move Character
X Key:  Open Item Menu, Cancel
Enter Key: Talk, Check, Confirm
Shift Key : Run

Progress can be saved by checking the blue feathers located in some maps.

For more information, read the READ ME.txt file included in the game.

You can find the guide of the game here.


The game contains jumpscares and blood.
Proceed with caution.


Director: Lydia 

Character Sprites: MeruM SB 

Character Design: Kaliblu

Music: AdamCha

Voice Actors:

  • Rindre - Aria
  • AdoxTalks - Lewin
  • HonorPress - Narrator
  • Mizujutsu - ???

Translation Team:

  • Rindre 
  • Makorie
  • Dragonikku
  • Macafake


Homepage: ariastory-project@tumblr.com
E-mail: ariastory.project@gmail.com
Twitter: @AriaStory_RPG

For translation inquiries, please message both Lydia and Rindre.


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Aria's Story 2.0 [Spanish].zip 433 MB
Aria's Story 2.0 [English].zip 433 MB
Aria's Story 2.0 [Korean].exe 432 MB
Aria's Story 2.0 [Traditional Chinese].zip 255 MB
Aria's Story 1.1 [Simplified Chinese] [No RTP].zip 408 MB
Aria's Story 1.1 [Japanese] [No RTP] 401 MB

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it wont work it keeps saying the file 'rgs3oo.dll' each time i try to open the game 

this game is awesome, although some puzzles leave you wandering around for waaaay too long. maybe provide better clues or things pointing in the right direction?

I think this game is adorable so far!! Though i have absolutely no clue how to fullscreen and f6 wont work :')

Do you know if you will be able to make a model that will work on a mac book? I really want to play your game but I can't.

i cant get past the chase in chapter 2. I've tried for about 20 minutes now. I use a laptop. Does anyone have any tips for me ?

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I've gotten all the routes, I'm guessing you're talking about the rabbit?
I got stuck there for a small bit I got through it, once you talk to the rabbit and start running down the path you came from, exit the room then go right and up to the top door and enter it, then a cutscene should play out and you're outta that chase!

And if you ever get stuck again you can ask me or look at the guide the owner has on tumblr,they have it chapter per chapter and have a guide to all the endings, I like to do games without any help personally but others like to get help whenever they can/when stuck so guides/people can help a lot.


Thanks for your help. Maybe ill do it now.

How do i run? I keep getting stuck at the chase too but i never make it out the door....

If I remember correctly I believe  it's either Z, space, or shift. You can test out keys until you find the run button since the chase doesn't start until you talk to that specific rabbit so you have time to figure it out if it's not one of those three but that's one of the only times you *have* to run in the whole game

Thanks! I finally made it through chapter 2


10 for the creepy music

10 for the arts

10 for the damn jumpscares along the game

Overall = 100% love the game but not brave enough to finish it ^^'

I love it ! I got stuck so many times but thats what i like puzzles games ^^ ty ty ! 

Will this ever get a MacOS release? I'd love to play it, but don't own a Windows computer.

It can be quite complex but i think you can infact play aria's story on macOS using a "virtual machine", i personaly dont know how to use one but there are many people on the internet that can help you

I am really liking the game. Its a really good game I got stuck. On the coloumns in the secret room (the one with the password) there are books and not stars, I dont know where to find the book Im supposed to put in tragedy section. I am really confused because on walktroughs the room is quite different.

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I cry when I got the true ending but my favorite part is the normal ending  also my favorite character is Aria

I absolutely cannot recommend this game enough, if you like horror RPGs like Ib, Mad Father, Witch's House, and much more, this game is definitely the game for you! The story is enthralling, the puzzles make you think but are never too hard to get, and the characters are super interesting. I definitely intend to go back and play this game again multiple times just to see all of the endings. Thank you so much for this wonderful game!


My favorite ending is the Good Ending. Also I noticed there was Luna in the Good Ending credit scene :D Bad Ending 2 made me shocked a bit because I have liked Clyde's character since I finished the first ending :( 


My favorite ending is normal but I like the true ending too.....even though is just a copy I m happy he's still there


aaa,este juego lo he jugado varias veces, me encanta la verdad, me gusta mucho, aveces no te eperas lo ue va a pasar, guardaba cada vez que podia xd

Recommend very much cried during true ending and bad ending 2 a lot but in all was a very good game and also is very unexpecting and surprising catches you off guard.


First of all. I recommend you to play this game

Second. I recommend you to play trough the "True Ending"

Great game. Wasn't really scary, but loved it.


You gotta admit, they got us in the first half not gonna lie.

Also dang, my heart Lydia, you're just making me cry when I found out the true ending ToT, I originally wanted to do just the normal ending but eh, curiosity killed the cat

Usually I'd go ahead and imediately delete the games I download coz it takes up WAY to many space, but this game is very beautiful and unique and my very first rp indie game and I love it! So I'm keeping it!! Arghhh I wanted Aria and Lewin to be coupled lmao >///<

Overall, a 100/10, no questions asked, download it.

(btw if you also had trouble downloading saying "Failed: Forbidden" just go to Incognito Mode and download, works for me ^^)

When i cheked my inventory the raimobow key baceme invisible and now i can't use it. could you help me pls?

You probably already finished the game by now, but it said that you don't really need to check your inventory for the keys, just interact with the door and you'll be just fine!

I saw a video and i didn't end the game yet... the rainbow key that a book gives in the solar door house, i opened the inventory and suddenly the key disappeared.

Load back from a save file which isn't affected by this bug. Had this problem. Just go to the locked door and allow it to unlock. Don't select it from inventory.


This game is missing the horror tag

The game got creepy quiet fast now. 

I got goosebump when I saw that. Dang.

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Art style is adorable, music is some of the creepiest I've heard. 

I'm not a big horror person so you better believe that I wasn't brave enough to complete the game but that's okay. I obviously wasn't the targeted audiance. 100% recommend to everyone who's any% braver than I am.

Update: watched a play through. Honestly the game wasn't as scary as my mind was telling me. The music gets less creepy after the door and the tone becomes a lot more wholesome. I 100% recommend this to everyone. It's not really a horror horror game, just a game with a darker tone.

This was such a treat to play! I have recently gotten into playing more horror rpgs and I gotta say, this one just hit me right in the feels- and that's when you know it's a great game! 

I definitely get spooked easy so I was laughing at myself for jumping at something every 2 seconds, but progressing through it became more plot-heavy and I was LOVING it!

Lowkey cried at the end, but that's alright lmaooo

Amazing game! I definitely look forward to any more being created (And I will be following current projects) 


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i absolutely adores this game,i spent all of today playing it! the atmosphere, the characters, the plot... everything was just amazing :D 

my favourite ending definitely was the good one, but I also really appreciated the bad ones since they made me reflect. Lewin and Clyde with their dynamic are really lovable, they were my favourite characters. ialso really related to Dahlia and was impressed at what an impact Aria had made on everybody's life. Wendy is just so cool lmao i love her

the music was also really awesome (and scary; i had to turn it off at times since i was too scared). also... the bunny... he really was asxsbjbxscfaxhgvhsgvcxsk that part in which he stalks you from the outside of the room scarred me for life deadass

i'm also definitely gonna download your other game, "Midnight Train",  when it's complete! (i wish i could support you but unfortunately i am a minor :/ )


I loved the game! I just passed the first chapter and it already caught me.

The art and design are very beautiful, the music is entertaining and accompanies at all times, and the story is very interesting; It also contains puzzles (something I love).

Thanks for developing this game, it's great.

P.S : I hope to get to the good end! : D

how was the ending?

Thanks for making this great game... I've played it and unlocked the Good ending on first try... It's a beautiful game.

Now I'm going to unlock rest of the endings.


I've unlocked and watched everything, so I'm going to give my two cents... The good ending is the first ending I unlocked, and IMO it was the best ending...

The normal ending is well... normal, that's to be expected... But the true ending is also just normal... completely to be expected (or I must say cliche?)... It's boring and predictable... As one of the ending, sure... But as true ending? The additional good ending completely eclipse that... Not because good ending has more happier tones... But it's because it's more creative and interesting.

I kinda wish the true ending has more creative and twist... Like everything that the quill has created can never be truly erased, so Aria and the library is actually still out there... somewhere... waiting... And Clyde (and co) has to be responsible of what they created someday... or something like that.

Also, Aria's definition of happy ending is a bit skewed, surprising that she has read lots of book. That definition is not happy ending... It's BITTERSWEET ending.

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The games that got me into rpg maker horror games are The Witch's house and Ib and i hadn't found anything that piqued my interest the same as they did until i played this.It wasn't really horror but the jumpscares were really good that i always felt on edge.The puzzles were REALLY good.The one thing i want in the games  play are these puzzles,the keep you so engrossed in it!The Visuals,World Buildings,character settings were amazing and lets not forget about the music and sound effects too.The game had too much elements in it and its world felt so colourful and nice unlike other rpg games which have a bit of bland worlds.I totally loved the Illustrations and voices of each character.I loved ALL the endings.The revelation at the end was amazing and i got so emotionally involved with it and cried a lil bit too.I played it all in one go and will keep it in my laptop to replay it again and again because i liked it soooo much!I'really can't believe this was free.After playing this,it felt like cheating for playing it for free but i'm so grateful that you made it free so i could experience this gem! I'm definitely going to play your next game Midnight Train.I'm just waiting for its 4th chapter.That's gonna be a gem too!

The art style is so cute! It's really packing a punch on us so far :D
Thank you for this!

this game is so beautiful 

the art style

the gameplay

the characters that enters your heart

the music

the sounds

the horror

the mysteries and the puzzles

and the most amazing the heart warming story and the effects

this game enters my heart and i love it every time i see aria now,my heart hurts i hope you can make second game for this story about wendy trying to find about her true self and about aria in the real world actually i will be happy if there's a part 2 even if it's not about wendy i just want to see the characters more (*^-^*)

                                     (●'◡'●)  ---------------------------------- (●'◡'●)

                                     (●'◡'●)  ---------------------------------- (●'◡'●)

THIS GAME WAS AMAZING. It got me so hard in my feels, like holy crap

It was so freaking good!! If there's more games released by Lydia I will TOTALLY play them! A game has never hit me this hard in my feelings before, 10/10. I love this game

Super excited to play this game! I'm planning on streaming it and was wondering if I could monetize the stream? I do plan to play either way as this game just looks too interesting not to! Thanks so much!

Funny thing I found, there was a LGBT website that had an Aria's story page where the only description was about the Black and white queens, and how they were a lesbian couple, which they probably weren't. Nothing else is specified about the game - big and well-written storyline but we'll only mwention these two gay queens, everything else doesn't matter.

i just want to know how do i acces the additional content i already got the 

password and all but how?

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Bonus room is only accessible at the very start of the game so if you have a save at the very start then you're good. If not then just start new game.

thank you

You're welcome

I just finished this game, but... how do I get to the bonus room?

I got the True Ending and password but... I'm not sure how to get there?

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The bonus room is only accessible at the very start of the game so if you have a save at the very start then you're good. If you don't then just start a new game.

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Ya me descargué el juego. ¿Ahora cómo lo juego?

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