Aria's Story 2.0 [New endings]

Aria's Story 2.0 is now available in english and spanish!
It contains new endings, a bonus room, new scenes and a new character!


-Added 2 new endings: Good Ending and Bad Ending 2.
-The original Bad Ending has been expanded with more content. Now it’s also called Perfect Ending.
-A Bonus Room has been added.
-A new character, Wendy, has been added.
-5 new tracks have been added, that will be used in the new endings.
-There’re new scenes in the game.
-There’re 4 new CGs.
-Horror section has been updated with some new things, making it a bit scarier.
-Adjusted the darkness of most of the maps, specially the corners, making the exploration easier.
-Updated some of the maps.


Now there's 5 endings in the game: Normal Ending, True Ending. Bad Ending/Perfect Ending, Good Ending and Bad Ending 2.



Aria's Story 2.0 [Spanish].zip 433 MB
Sep 07, 2019
Aria's Story 2.0 [English].zip 433 MB
Sep 07, 2019

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Hello, I come from China...... I really like this game so much...... But when I saw the Aria's crying, Ifeel really sad...... In fact ......I have a word to say for her......In Mr,Stark words:"I love you 3000"


I'm really positive i saw Luna walking around somewhere

Guess, i have to play the whole thing again, but because it's a great game, it don't really bothers me. 

Thanks for the Update :D

No, thank you so much for updating Aria's Story. Before this update, I feel like the only good ending was the normal ending.  (I still cried over the True Ending even though I've played it 3 times)


Not sure I can play this again. The story's true ending was so heart breaking, I'm not sure I can put myself through it again. 

Good story all the same

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Oh wow, I really liked this game and just now saw this update in my mailbox. It looks like you added a ton of stuff, it's pretty much a remake! I'll definitely have to replay it now. 

Edit SPOILERS FOR THE ENDINGS: Finished replaying the game and ended up getting both the new and old endings. I really, really love the adition of the new scenes since they make the end of the game feel more connected. 

Bad Ending 2 made me ridiculously happy because I time-loops are one of my favourite tropes. I have to admit that when I saw there was a new "good" ending I was a bit worried since I really enjoyed the theme of the true ending, but the way the good ending played out was just perfect. It truely was a good and not bittersweet ending that didn't compromise the theme of the true ending in the slightest. I hadn't even considered that would have been a way to end the story, but in retrospect it makes so much sense.

The secret room is also really cute and I enjoyed talking to the characters. That halloween illustration with Dahlia is great! Also now I feel like I need to go download Midnight Train even if I was holding off on it since I don't like cliffhangers.

woah how did you get the secret room? I can't find it even though I already finished the game

Start a new game and right at the beginning by the bunny poster is a book that when you examine it will ask for the code from the good/true ending.

Enter code, and voila! Secret room.

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Great news

How is Clyde's Story doing, by the way? 

P. S. When I first played, I thought for some reason that Lewin's name is an Anna Karenina reference (one of the characters is named Levin, which is similar)


Sadly, it was canceled because I'm too busy developing another game! But some of the ideas /maps I had for that game were used in this new update of Aria's Story!

i did not complete the game yet so i will ask 

will something bad happen if i import the save to the new update?

Yes, I think there will be errors if you import saves from the old version because I added many new things!

I've been looking forward to this!

I hope you like it!

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I just finished it, got all the endings and I loved it so much! My favourite ending is the Good Ending and it was really cool that Lewin and Wendy passed by Luna. Aria's Story is really the best rpgmaker game aside from Midnight Train.

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Is there a chance of Aria's Story becoming an actual book? I just gotta ask if there's a chance or not if its a no then thats okay. I still think the game is  great and I'd probably play it again after a while has passed.