Aria's Story v1.1 Now Available

Aria's Story v1.1 is now available. These include these changes:

Errors that were fixed:

  1. A BGM File was missing (Spanish)
  2. You couldn't return to the cemetery in Chapter 1 (English)
  3. You could obtain more than one sunflower in Chapter 2.
  4. You could move a plant before solving the mirror puzzle in Chapter 3.
  5.  You would not be able to obtain the knife if you didn't pick it up in Chapter 3.
  6. Game-breaking bug in Chapter 5 (Freezes the game) (English)
  7. Grammatical errors some and untranslated text (Spanish and English).


  1. One book in Chapter 2 that gives a clue on how to solve the cake puzzle
  2. Another book helps the player with the bookshelf switches puzzle.

Please note that these versions do not contain the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. Instructions will appear when you download the game.


Aria's Story 1.1 [English] [No RTP].zip 401 MB
26 days ago
Aria's Story 1.1 [Spanish] [No RTP].zip 385 MB
26 days ago

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I loved playing this game all the way through it. I played it till I got all endings and Iloved the story so much I still can't get over it!

I loved the game!! It was asome, i got the 3 endings!!

It kinda remainded me of a movie  called "The PageMaster", have you seen it??

I never thought about that, but it is like The Page Master.

why is it not available on windows? 

Why does english version have more MB than spanish? It does have importance?