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I remember when I played this game, waiting for chapter 4. When it came out I finished it in one day and cried like a baby at the end. My favorite RPG at the moment, it's just perfect, the lore, the characters, art style, and many more things. 11/10 gained my heart.


literally make me cry. I love this game 10/10


this is literally the only game where i've cried at the end, i was sobbinggg this game is fucking amazing i adore it 

This is fucking awesome 👍. 10/10, must play

i cried a lot. 10/10

i never felt do much rage and sadness for the same person as I did for diana
just finished chapter 1


an amazing game I totally recommend! it's a roller-coaster of emotions, and you can't help getting attatched to all the characters and immerse yourself in the story. the minigames are really fun, and if you played aria's story (another game I really loved also made by lydia) you'll certaintly see some references, like the main characters in the ending, the guilty-of-murder-colored-skeletons puzzle (I'm not sure if it's a reference itself, but I'm sure the same kind of puzzle is in the other game too), and maybe other things I didn't pay attention to or don't remember. the puzzles are very interesting, and all the characters are written amazingly and I relate to a couple of them. I love this game!


This game was so beautiful, played it with my friend and definitely cried at the end. Selene an Luna are best girls. <3

I loved this game so much! I found Aria's story about a week ago, and since I really enjoyed that one, I couldn't resist playing the other story by the same creator. If you enjoy puzzles, a moving story, and well-rounded characters, this is definitely the game to play.  I'm sure to stick around for any and all future projects. Amazing work!

Hi!! I just finished playing the game for the first time and oh my god, it was such an amazing experience!! This is definitely one of my favorite RPG maker games, you did an amazing job with it

I'm looking foward to the remake! Sending love from Brazil <3

what ıs the name of the song at the end of the game????

here's the link to the original music

thank u so muchh ^^

Downloaded Midnight Train 4.3 [ALL CHAPTERS] [English].zip and it ran perfectly fine, finished the first chapter where they (Spoiler) escape the steampunk building, and arrive at the 2nd tower. Then it just rolls credits, says to be continued, and goes back to the menu. It says the chapters are there in the file?

antes que nada perdon por la respuesta en español, pero bueno, para eso tienes que elegir un nuevo viaje, ahi aparecen todos los capitulos, solo tienes que seleccionar el que te guste

Se olvidó totalmente de eso. ¡Muchas gracias!

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alerta de spoiler:

me niego a este final, quiero un final en donde copycat viva, y si no lo hace nadie mas, lo hare yo mismo >:3

no se por que pero le tome cariño

I can't run the game.

Installe les RTP

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I can't run the game :(


many games run with the RPGVXAce RTP. All you need is to download it online and install it, so you can have it for other games too

Played this game a long time ago, one of my fav rpg maker games of all time, I love the way you write characters so much! 

If I had money, i'd donate a lot in order to help you make more games, can't wait to see what you'll do in the future

I love this game! Every chapter has made me tear up. The story is really interesting and the character development is good as well. Also, the jumpscares are not extreme but they sure are scary! 

Keep up the awesome work, Lyd1a! Both of your games are a masterpiece <3


I really like the story. Especially chapter 3, the ending made me cry :'(. The art is also good and beautiful. The character development is also good. Overall it's good. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

You check other part in my playlist:


I just finish the game and I must say OMG it is easily one of the best RPG game I have ever played ;-; Aria's Story was a blast, but Midnight train hits different ;-; the ending is purely wonderful, I'm looking forward to your next game.


Amazing game! Has a lot of content. Thank you Lydia. I didn't know the creator is from Spain, very nice. 

------------------------- Potential Spoilers-------------------------

I might have found a minor bug in the English setting: Spanish text pops up even though I am playing the game in English for only this specific part. This happens after I beat the "who is the real culprit" puzzle.


i just loved it! <3


spoiler warning!!

just like with aria's story, this game had me BAWLING by the end. i played it all the way through and let me say am i relieved for the happy ending, aha. everything about this game was phenomenal: the soundtrack, the script, the graphics, the actual story itself- literally everything. and the message that it brings with it is very heartfelt and unique, not something i've seen from any other game! i love rpg horror games and this is on the same levels as the classics (mad father, the witch's house, ib, etc.). i'm so glad i got to experience this game and i really hope this team continues to develop new games!! <3

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If I had to describe the game in a single word it would be BEAUTIFUL simply the story is immersive it is balanced between the imteractive scenes and the puzzles an absolute work of art

As a spanish speaker i really appreciate the detail for the traduction Thx

Just got finished the game... Absolutely LOVED it. The last stealth mission was a bit too hard for me and kind of broke the immersion, but overall the game was amazing. I loved the story and the lorebuilding, along with the general puzzle design.

All I can say is...THIS WAS AMAZING!! From playing Aria's Story to Midnight Train. The atmosphere of expecting that there should be a jumpscare makes it even better! I hope the Developers decide to make new games! I'm willing to play all of them! <3

I Got an error (File corrupted) who help me pls

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pretty good game looking forward to playing the new version


I can't play it. It says I need RPGVXAce to run it. I can't get rpgvxace because I don't have administrator permissions. What should I do?


I got an Error
Unable to find: Graphic/Character/Vehicle
What should I do?


Okay, I found the way

I get the same error. How did you fix it?


You just need to download RPGVXAce_RTP

Midnight Train is too low down in the popular category, this is a hugely underrated gem among RPG Maker games! 💙

From Aria's story with love and high expectation~~~

How long is the game?

Like everyone else here, this made me cry like a baby.

I played Aria's Story just before this and I loved it, and this was to be expected. But I didn't expect it to be like "that", it exceeded my expectations!

I love this game, I recommend it.
Waiting for the new version!

I want to talk about how much I loved the game but I don't know how ;-;

all I can say is that I cried on chapter 4,  glad they got their happy ending

Please release a Mac version. This looks really good and I want to play it!

Oh my gosh this game is amazing. I absolutely loved the game play and the story! I adored the characters and it made me so sad at the end of each chapter. I hope to play the next game you make after I go back and download Arias story.  Absolutely wonderful game!

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I loved this game so much I cried. 

The characters were so likable I felt sad to exit the game. I love the whole story writing and puzzles as well.  

The music went so beautifully well with the whole ambience. 

And the art! The art! It was so great, I kept admiring the art the whole time. I love your style and it really managed to pull my heartstrings. I wish there was a gallery to view the CGs though, but that's fine! some points i even wanted to reach across and hug the characters. :')

Thank you so much for making this wonderful game. <3

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