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I absolutely can't wait for Chapter 3 !!! Chapter 2 was heart-wrenching ! Been here since the release of Chapter 1, you guys are doing great <3

This reminds me of Mogeko Castle, but in a good way. 

Worthy conceptual follow-up of Aria's story, with the same gameplay characteristics, optimized according to the story. Always well written characters, mystery and horror at the right point! Recommended! 


It said that the file is not a valid RAR file. I tried using file fixing program but they didn't help.

:( please help I really love Aria's story and I want to play this too


;-; i heart....Appollo....and why the bird too....i cant think of a reason why the bird is ded too.... my much waterfall </3

I tried to extract Chapter 2 [English] but I keep getting "file is damaged"

Same. I don't understand why the second chapter in English doesn't work for me either...

Did you extract the file through Winzip or anything?

No it was WinRAR.

Hm... I wonder why. I opened it through RAR opener but it couldn't work. Maybe we're supposed to zip it through Winzip?

Maybe that is the case.

This game is very good, can hope to continue


i cry for each character that dies of gets left behind. i hope  later on in the game apollo gets back to normal so they can all escape if not i will cry even more ,i honestly love these characters so much.this game is sooooo good cant wait for more. <3<3

This game is amazing. Can't wait for chapter 3  :D

Your games always make me so happy when i play them! I really want to create games like these!

i see that chapter two is out but it's a rar file... how do you open rar files?

where can I get chapter 1 in English?

The current version includes Chapter 1 and Chapter 2!

Your games are awesome!

Excuse me i really like you work but can you put the game in full screen ? Sorry to borther with trivial question


press f1 then check "fullwindow at start" and restart the game.



Oh man

I love the game ;w;

Chapter 1 and chapter 2! This is perfect game


Cant wait for chapter 3~


I loved it, it's really enthralling  and fun! I'm looking forward to the next update!

El capitulo 1 es muy bueno, realmente te introduce muy bien a la historia.

I loved this game!!! After playing it I was like "It's just as good as Aria's story!" (my fav RPG Maker game), then I went to the creator page... I don't know why I was surprised! Another masterpiece! 

I love this game and I'm so happy there is an Italian translation! I'm looking forward to the next update!

Had so much fun playing Chapter 1. I can’t wait till the next chapter is out. 

Genial ^^ Arya me encantó, hice todos los finales :3, a ver que tal está este


Eagerly awaiting the next chapters.

Interesante :)

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Damn, that was an incredible start!

I like it so far. I kind of feel really attached to the events as I'm going through something very similar right now irl. About leaving the loved ones in order to accelerate things pursuing a future I want, or staying with them so I don't feel lonely and scared. Perhaps it's destiny what made me play this game at the moment? Who knows...

I have to admit that for most of the run I felt that if the playtime reached the three hours before you get to the train you were actually screwed even if the comments of the characters suggested otherwise! In fact, I reached the last save box at 2:49 minutes. I was nervous, not gonna lie lol

I like the different mini games mechanics so far, except sometimes I have to die once in order to understand how things that are not under my control operate. To be honest, I think the hints are not clear enough sometimes... (SPOILERS>) I died to the red X because I didn't know you could interact with it not necessarily standing on it (I only saw that happen on walls/things that get on the way); same with "Neil will indicate where the skulls come from" or something, I thought he would do something else rather than just look to a direction... (<SPOILERS)

The ambiance/setting is very immersive and I love the progress of the story~ I'm already imagining how certain missed(?) clues might apply in the next chapters and everything lol


nice game! remind me of Ib/Pocket Mirror

At first, the thing that drawn me in your game was the art, but after finishing chapter 1, I fell for the plot and its characters. I love the chemistry between Luna and Neil, reminds me so much of Ib and Garry. Can't wait for chapter 2. :'3


Hi! I'm in love with your art. I love play the RPG maker games and your games are my favorites. As I would love to support your beautiful work if I could, I apologize for not supporting any monetary aid. Unfortunately I do not have dollars or credit cards, however I know that your work is worth gold, so I hope that my love for your art be enough in this occasion. I hope next time I can give you something of how much your work means to me. Saludos y afecto desde Venezuela!!! 

Great game so far. The art is really nice and the story looks very interesting.

The art is beautiful, the story is interesting and soundtrack oooh the soundtrack is sooo good! <3 i love it

Beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful game.

It surprised me when I remembered that this game is free, I felt like I had just experienced a big game from Squareinc or Nintendo ...

But the game still has some cons:

  • Music changes are often too sudden, not seamless.
  • Too many scenes using fade black effect, even in the same room ( Except the first fade black at the opening, It makes the game very mysterious and Immerse me in the game )
  • Only 1 Bug, in the picture I took, the light should not pass through the back wall

( Sorry for the "Acivate Windows" )

Over all Midnight Train is still an amazing game and i love it. I hope all of the problem will be fix. ^^


So, I've played this game waaay before I realised you were the mastermind behind  Aria's Story. I really loved that game, and when I finished this one, I only have one thing to say. Give. Me. More. I want to know what other chapters are like and to theorise about the whole thing! But, for now, I will share my expirience with this great story by posting small bits of it here. Let'splays, I mean. Hope more people will play it :D

As Luna and Neil go further into the strange building, they realise they are not the only living souls in this place.

And, the finale is here. Can i just say that i want more? As soon as possible. Please?


I like this game! It have some similarities with your past project. I'm looking forward to the next update!

Hey will this ever be available on Windows? I'd love to play it.

Yes, this version is for Windows! Sorry, I forgot check the box!

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I'm playing the game and so far I really like it! There's this phrase that you forgot to translate in English

Thank you for letting me know! I uploaded a new version with the text fixed!