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I just finished chapter 3 and


can't wait for chapter 4 :') 

I just finished chapter 3! The story is so amazing and I really can't wait for future chapters. Keep doing your best!<3

i love this game i cant wait for the chapter 4 <3

I am in love this game, can't believe I finished all three chapters in one day. Now I'll wait for chapter 4 

Will we have a romance for Neil & Luna? The part when he blushed ( when he asked selena what Luna was saying) was everything 😍😍😍

Just my luck! Just finished chapter 2 and chapter 3 became available while I was doing that! Here's the first episode of Chapter 3 in my Midnight Train series!  It's going to huurttt when I have to wait for Chapter 4!

Started from Aria's Story and now thoroughly enjoying this even more unique tale, can't wait to see where it all ends up :) Love the game Lydia!

Thank you for playing! :)

I'm doing my best so you all don't have to wait much for the final chapter!

Take your time and make it awesome! Don't feel rushed at all :) you've delivered quality at your own pace so far. Finish it in style ;)

I really, really love this game. It's so thrilling! I got attached by the characters and their stories, and enjoyed the gameplay, the music and the plot. Wish you good continuations! Waiting for chapter 4 ! <3


Thank you for your support! 💕

 Amazing game, characters, plot, art... I can't wait for the next chapter!

Thank you so much for working hard to make this fantastic game! I loved the plot and the characters. Keep up the great work!

I can't seem to get past Chapter 3. More specifically, the part where you have to shoot a moving target. It's downright infuriating having to see my shots miss when it clearly hit the target. 


You need to press the button once the target and the arrow are in the exact same position. You can use a ruler as a guide over your computer screen if you don't have good precision 😉

God! I loved the game since I first played it! I look forward to what remains of the game to end! I love your work for the game, it shows that you give your all! I hope you never give up! (Spanish traduction) dios! amé el juego desde que lo jugué por primera vez! espero con ansias lo que queda del juego por terminar! me encanta tu trabajo por el juego, se nota que das todo de ti! espero de que nunca te rindas!


I Just finished the third chapter! I love this game!!


What an amazing chapter! I cried at the end! Loved it to bits! Thank you for all your hard work Lydia and I can't wait for the conclusion in Chapter 4!


I finally made it ! I really love this game ! You're awesome !

I'm so baaaaaad in the gun game, can't make it trough T T
I love soooooo much this game !


You have to shoot just when the thing is in the middle, dont try to calculate the trajectory of the bullet or see its velocity compared with the other thing moving from the sides. It took me a long time to realize this. But at the end it was pretty easy when I realized it.


I can't answer to everyone, but I read every comment and I wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful for all your support! I really hope you enjoy Chapter 3! ♥

i hurts....but i hope theirs a happy ending in the next chapter. I also hope the puzzle isnt hard cuz i suck at it lol but hope the puzzle is interesting and hard enough that its doable :). I love the third chapter a lot especially those picture of the character T^T ♥

Already finished chapter 3! I become more emotional playing this chapter.

Hope the next chapter won't take long time, but your can take your time!

Thanks for all of your hardwork ♥️


I just finished chapter 3 and OMG all these revelations ! I'm really loving the story more and more <3 I can't wait to play chapter 4 ! 



Cant wait for next chapter


I love this new chapter and I am very curious about Neil's past!

Okay, I'm gonna download the chapter 3! Thanks ♥️


i beg u, just let luna and neil survive together till the end. dont kill them :( 

im so in love with both of them..


Still waiting for English version QwQ


same TwT




The english translation is almost finished! It will be available soon! 😉

Oh my, thank you (´;ω;`)


Looking forward to its completion!

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Im excited for it!!!



Same !! >w< I'm so excited !!

Necesito ayuda no me deja descargar el capitulo 3 versión en español pone que hay un error y no entiendo el por que.

Could someone please help me with the downloading process because I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do. When I press the download it is saying that I might need to download  RPG Maker VX Ace for the game to work. I downloaded the game and then it was saying that I would need to open this game in an application and I don't know what that means and I thought that probably meant that I needed to dowload RPG Maker VX Ace and now I don't know what else I need to do for this game to work. If you could help that would mean the world to me because I came to this game after playing Aria's Story and Aria's Story didn't seem to need any extra applications to run.

Try downloading the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP:
Then after installing it try opening the game normally from the game.exe.

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Is the game file supposed to have an icon that looks like a sheet of paper and is it suposed to have ".rar" at the end? After I download the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP do I do the setup?

Oooh you're using a .rar file. If you don't have something like winrar to convert it, I'd suggest using to convert it to .rar to .zip, download the .zip it converts, then extract the folder.

Thank you so much for your help!! The game started running  after I did what you told me to do!! :)

Dice que necesito un run Ayuda!!!!!! D'

I just went through Aria's Story and found my way here and I'm excited making my way through this game. 
Luna is an absolute badass and I love how much you make fun of tropes with RPG Maker horror games. : ) SUCH A COOL RIDE AND CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP PLAYING

Here's my first episode of what I plan to be a full playthrough


Hello there, I have played the game with three of my friends and we really enjoyed it. We are eager to play the chapter three. It was so fun and exciting that we had such a nice time on these days.
Pd: Don't do anything bad to Apollo please :c

I just finished Chapter 1 and omg i can tell this is so good, i didn't expect any less from lydia tbh. I really look forward for the next chapters :3

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I've been stalking your page for a while now in hope to see if  chapter 3 has been released,  no pressure though, please take your time and stay safe, I just wanted to let you know that I really loved this game and I'm more than excited to continue the story, also Neil is best boi and needs to be protected

I have a question, wen I go to dowlade the game, it says chapter 1 in italian chapter two in spanish, that means that I can just play the chapter two in spain ,or I can the 1 and the 2 in spain?

Hey! I'd like to report a bug

I started playing the game and got near the end of chapter one, but before  finishing it I quit the game for a while.

Today I decided to resume my playthrough and I found the "Continue" button disabled. I hit "New Journey" and it asks wether I want to go to chapter 1 or 2. I didn't finish chapter 1, and my savedata is gone.

I guess I have to choose between playing through chapter one again or missing a chunk of the game and resuming on chapter two. I'm most likely to choose the former



Not even more

Is it updated

its says RPGVXAce RTP is requiered to runthe game and i have no clue what that is plz help

The game is made with RPG Maker VX, which means that it uses resources from that program. You need to download those resources in order to play the game, you can do so from here.

Try dowloading multiple times it say RPGax or somehting is required. Can not get it to extract when dwnloaded from different site too.

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