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I just want to say how happy I am I purchased this game a year ago! It still is to this day one of my top favorite games! I hope it gets the recognition it deserves! If you're wondering if you should play this give it a shot right now! The gameplay is difficult enough to be fun, but not impossible, and the story has plenty of interesting turns! The character designs are cool and I found myself easily attached to them all! The story had tons of emotional moments as well :) all in all it was wonderful and I recommend it! Thank you to the creator for such a lovely experience 

What a beautiful game, there is not enough beautiful words to describe this masterpiece!

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If anyone feels like talking about this game, or replaying it, idk, just call in discord. Chat for a little bit. We can just have some nice time ;)

And my english isn't that good :/

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Almost beat the game and now I'm stuck at endgame but I'm gonna keep trying.

I have finished it at last and it was the best rpg game I've played so far.

Looking forward to the next destination!

l loved it.well done

hi i had a problem with the RTP. in chapter noel throw a coin on the X mark.

but the game crash because SE COIN is missing.

i already downloaded the RTP and i can't find the coin sound.

help ç_ç

l love it!

I've known you from watching ManlyBadassHero Aria's Story gameplay and it made me hooked!

So I started Midnight Train to experience the world directly and I can't describe how exciting it is (╯✧▽✧)╯

From the story, the arts, the gameplay, despite how I actually scared playing horror game (lol), Midnight Train made me really curious to jump into the game and experience it directly \(≧▽≦)/

So here's my first gameplay of chapter 1 ~

could make a portuguese version?

Deleted 27 days ago
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As far as I know, the portuguese translation is being made by Zero Corpse, and it's in progress. I think it's only taking long to be finished because they have other games to translate as well. And it also hasn't been long since they've finished translating Pocket Mirror, so I do know they're active.

I had no info, thx for letting me know.

Np! I probably wouldn't know this as well if I didn't follow their site anyways shshsgsh.

Do you know if you will be able to create a version of the game that can be played on a mac book I really want to play your games but I don't have windows.

Can you use the application winebottler? I have used that to play many games such as Ib, The Witch's House, Alice Mare, etc that are only available on Windows.


Thank you for introducing this to me you are a life saver

 I just wonder if it can be available on steam  so that it can be known by more people, And I can pay for this.


how dare you ? to make such beautiful game....


I made some fanart for this game after I finished it! I hope it's okay to share in a comment :)

I've been playing through this game since I finished Aria's Story about a year ago and there were only two chapters of this.  I'm so glad to see it through to the end. I finished up Chapter 4 yesterday and it's giving me an emotional reaction similar to when I finished some of my favourite JRPGs and Visual Novels for the first time.

I'm taking a while to process how I feel but all I know is absolutely love these games and the effects they had on me : )

As someone who has tried to develop some RPG Maker games on my own, I am super inspired by your work and it really makes me want to try again to make something happen!  I'm not sure if you are done with making games but I'm always going to be looking forward to any future updates from you :)

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Also, if anyone is interested, I started uploading the Chapter 4 episodes over at my channel:


SPOILERS AHEAD. A few thoughts on the game.

Overall a pretty quirky and fun game! I loved the art, and music especially. It's incredibly impressive for a game made by a single individual. The puzzle design in the last 2 chapters is pretty fun too.

Also, I wanted to ask. It's pretty obvious that when Selene hugs Neil in chap 3 she's pick-pocketing his watch. Was that a scrapped plot point? Did she give it back at some point? Am I just imagining things?

Anyways, if I had any criticism is when the characters say stuff like "Most criminals are pure evil, but a select few are victims and are blameless." which seems like a pretty black and white way of seeing things but I'm probably reading too much into this lmao.



Oh, after this game i had mixed feelings, so it took a couple of days to gather my thoughts and write a comment. Firstly, Lydia, thanks a lot for your game! It means a lot to me.

I`ve never thought that a pixel game can cause a lot of thoughts and various feelings! I`ve played a midnight train since 1 ch and i can`t believe it has been... around 2 years? Honestly, i was crying at the end (when Luna got to the train without Neil). I admire how she kept smile after all she lost and found. 

I`m so glad everything is fine. I love all the characters(´ ω `♡) They will be great friends. 

Also I can`t hide that some dialogues were imbued with important words and very deep meaning.(About the severity of the crime and the second chance.) I am very amazed by the thoughts that are stored in your head and fill the games. I'm so glad I got to play Midnight train. 

Thank you. It was an unforgettable experience! I will support you in your drawing! It has improved a lot since Aria`s story.

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Its a really good game, u should seriously import your games on steam against money !

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This game is amazing! I loved it, the history plus the plot are just a piece of art, wihout mentioning that the art style is really cute. I liked so much the characters and I really got sentimental every chapter :,)))


i started chapter 1 and got a decent way in, but when I took a break and tried to start up the game again it just wouldn't open... anyone know how to fix this?

reset the cache

This game is amazing, but for some reason it wont save. I mean every time I save from the blue chest and close the game and open it again, The continue button wont work and I have to start again. Am I doing something wrong??


Have you unziped the folder the game comes in?
i had the same problem with mad father and it was because i didnt unzip it
(my english is bad sorry if you dont understand something)

So, did you have plan any translation for other languages?

My suggestion is add Korean translation.


This game is a gem.

I am going to cry about how much I'll miss these characters now that I've beaten the game.


Hey! This game seems really cool and I wanna play it but when I start up the game it shows this 

The file isn't in any of the folders and I'm not sure where to find it. Any help please?-

Downloads And Free Trials | RPG Maker | Make Your Own Game! ( [] Click on RPG Maker XV Ace and Download it by pressing ''Download Run Time Package''. Extract it and set it up ( There is a Set up document in the folder). After it installed you should be able to play the game! If it doesnt work try putting the game file into the rpg maker file ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧

you need to get the runtime package not the free trial 👍👍👍

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Thank you! But it doesnt show any RPG Maker XV Ace, only RPG Maker VX Ace and some other RPG Makers. I did click on the runtime package-

Edit: I download the RPG Maker VX Ace and installed it and the gae managed to run. Thank you so much! 

no problem :) I made a typo with the XV

Hello! So I played chapter one when it came out and followed you for updates on the next chapters but I kept forgetting to play the chapters as they came out... I was wondering if my save file for chapter one that I did would carry over to the "all chapters" file or if I need to play each chapter individually still to keep my save file from chapter one? thanks!


You don't need the save file, all the chapters are already available in the new version 😊


This game looks so pretttyyyy. Can anyone kindly tell me if there are any jumpscares or not? Haha

It doesen´t really contains jumpscares, maybe 1 or 2 in the chapter 4 but just those

I just finished the first chapter and I can say thats game iz AMAZİNG. ıt was the best RPG pixel game. I know when I finished this game ı will fall emptiness. so please make new games. yours affectionatelly :)

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I made an account just to tell you that this game is absolutely amazing. The story, the gameplay and puzzles, and especially the characters. Keep doing what you are doing, I look forward to whatever you do in the future! This is definitely one of my new favorites!! It's a absolute master piece.


the game is amazing i liked everything about it, the plot was really good too!


What a beautiful game. I was filled with so many emotions at the end. It was such a great experience and such a fulfilling ending. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this story to life!


I don't know if I have to be happy or sad that this game is now finished. The ending was worth it, they deserve it.

I really like the game! The characters, atmosphere and all. Can't wait to see more of you.  I'm looking forward on playing more of your games!
I started my channel with  your game. 
Here it's the playlist:

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 i have been waiting for another one of your games ! i absolutely love Arias story! im so glad to see another game from my fav developer much love to you keep doing what makes you happy >v< (p.s incredible timing this dropped on my birthday lol //.o.//)

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Does anybody know how to make the screen bigger?

edit: press f1 and choose to open the game in full-screen, then restart.

there probably is an easier method to do that, but i don't know how.

alt + enter

thank you

Justo me lo acabo de acabar ahora el capitulo 4, jugar este juego a sido una experiencia increíble. Quiero felicitar a todos los que han participado en crearlo, habéis echo muy buen trabajo <3 


I finished the game right now. You have no idea how much i loved this story. Thank you for creating this game :)

Great game but it would be even better if it has official Linux support.

I had a bug)):
Even when when I tried an earlier saveing , I got the same bug but in a different location

I love it!! I just finish the game today and I felt relief and happy.

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