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Midnight Train is a mystery/adventure game with horror elements made using RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is focused on exploration, story and puzzles. It's an episodic game, there are four chapters in total.

※The game contains small jumpscares, blood, suicide, abuse and torture. Proceed with caution.

► Plot

Luna is a traveler that is looking for a certain place. Suddenly, while she’s traveling in a train, the people around her disappear and the train stops in a mysterious place. She finds there a pocket watch with some instructions; she needs to find the next train before time runs out or she will be trapped in that world forever.

► Main Characters

Luna Wyndell: The main character of the game. Luna is a traveler that is looking for a certain place. She is a mute girl that communicates with other characters using a notebook. She meets Neil in the train and protects him during dangerous situations.

Neil Lawton: Luna’s companion during the game, a gentle boy who wants to be a detective and is in the same situation as her. He’s weak, naive and panics easily, but he helps Luna with puzzles and riddles.

Diana Lovelace: A timid girl that enjoys making experiments and medicines. Unfortunately, the train also transported her to that bizarre place...

Apollo Carson: A strange boy that isn't interested in helping Luna and Neil during their journey. Is he an enemy or an ally?

Selene Ambrose: Luna's childhood friend. Behind her smile, she seems to hide something...


Homepage: midnighttrain-project.tumblr.com
E-mail: midnighttrain.project@gmail.com
Twitter: @LydiaBluebell
Instagram: @lydiabluebell_dev

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(443 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, Exploration, Mystery, RPG Maker, Spooky, Steampunk, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian


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The game is AMAZING. 

It's one of my favorite rpg maker game. The characters are unforgettable, the OST are so good and prefect, the story is.. wow. Such a prefect story. I'll not spoil, but the last chapter is a masterpiece. (I cried so much) 

And..... Neil I love you 🧡🧡🧡

Btw Luna is an incridible protagonist. I love her. Her characteristics, her design,... Well, all of the characters of the game are perfectly create. (sorry if my eng is bad) 

There is some traduction error in the English version, but it's not really annoying. Thank you to created this game! <3

I played this game a long time ago and I loved it! it's still my favourite game to this day.

wow, this game is just absolutely amazing!! I loved every bit of it. 

I played the first chapter and I would love to play the others, but for some reason I can't, even though it says [ALL CHAPTERS]. The game just start playing the end credits after the first chapter. Does anyone else have this issue, or have I done something weird?

an amazing game with very beautiful art and a very interesting story that took me by surprise several times, and obviously I cried at the end, congratulations lydia for this amazing game

Where do i begin! This game has immediately become the best one i've ever played! The characters are so lovable and well-rounded, the puzzles are perfect! So fun to think back and use past information as clues in the deductions! Emotional and makes you think on morality and character! Just simply wonderful! Couldn't be happier with it, thank you Lydia :)

I can't access the vx ace rtp thing needed to play

girl me neither




download link since the one on here is broken

u just need to download the rpgvxace with rtp which you can find on the rpgmaker website , its really easy and simple

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I know the full game dropped like 3 years ago but I installed it, played a little of the first chapter, then forgot about it, but I've finally came around to playing all four chapters and I'm actually speechless.

Everything about this game was masterful. The characters, the twists, the story, the puzzle. It's a slow start, but as the story progresses and more characters are introduced and more backstory is fed it becomes a captivating playthrough that will have you in the palm of the games hand. 

The only criticisms I have is that there some puzzles that are really more up to chance, such as the hiding one in the final chapter, and there were some questionable musical choices in certain scenes that could have benefited from a more fitting track, but these are nitpicks that don't take from the experience.

Overall, not to pull a Dave Meltzer, but I have to give this game 11/10. No exaggeration. The game met expectations and proceeded to exceed them through it's witty game design, diverse cast of characters and the rollercoaster of a story it told. This is what RPGMaker games aspire to be.

Bra. fucking. Vo.

After I have completed the game, I must say, it was a delightful and emotional experience! The story and characters are well crafted, showing that the RPG Maker game format is a unique and very interesting way to explore these, along with the puzzle-style gameplay. Even if I found some of the puzzles to be straightforward, the addition of the Help option is a really nice touch to me. Besides helping the player, it makes sense that Neil would be able to understand situations/puzzles more effectively and help you out with them; it gives the game character! 

 I can't forget to mention the visuals; not only the graphics and character models, but the fact that there are 4 whole Chapters with varying looks and  good amount of content makes the effort put into the game very apparent! Every time I finished one, I was itching to get to the next.

I can't put into words how inspiring and lovely your work is; I recommend this experience to others, and I wish the best for the upcoming remake!!

Some tips for other players:

-Download RTP VX Ace package from the official RPG Maker Store and extract it before playing! (RTP means Run Time Package; it has all the assets, graphics, etc. of the game). 

-Fullscreen, what worked for me: Hold Alt+Enter

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En serio, este juego se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos.

¿Qué puedo decir? Me hizo sentir una montaña rusa de emociones, todo me ha encantado. Me ha gustado más porque tengo preferencia por las historias de detectives y de misterio, pero tampoco puedo dejar de lado que los puzzles tienen una buena dificultad y no los consideré tan complicados, pero sí te hacen pensar un rato. La historia y los personajes están bien escritos, sus historias me conmovieron y adoré el final, me identifiqué mucho con Neil ajsdhjafhk. El gameplay no defrauda ya que me entretuvo bastante y la ambientación en general también es muy buena, desde los gráficos , el arte, hasta la música.

Es una joya infravalorada la verdad, sería bueno que fuera igual de popular que Aria's Story porque es igual de bueno.

Gracias por crear este juego y compartir tu trabajo Lydia. Nunca defraudan. ¡Espero con ansias el remake! 



Este juego me ha gustado aún más que el anterior. Es más largo y complejo, tanto a nivel jugable como a nivel de historia. Y el arte precioso aquí también.


This game made a strong impression on me and even made me cry at the end. The story feels complete and well remembered. I look forward to future games from this developer.

In the beginning there were one or two riddles that I could not solve with logic and used the guides, but otherwise everything is quite logical and solvable.


Unfortunately the game was too difficult for me dumb self and I couldn't finish it. Has a mysterious story with interesting characters. I was too curious about the plot and ending so I've watched vids about others finishing it. I have to say that it was impressive. I recommend after a few tries if a player can't complete a certain task, to be able to lower the difficulty.

It is supposed that if you found a puzzle difficult, you should ask Neil for help and he would tell you what to do, sometimes he would even tell you the answer.


I had to do the same with the dev's other game. The games are beautiful but just difficult as hell lol


oh boy, this story is not just about a train but also a rollercoaster because the plot kept me envolved in ways I can't explain, such a complex story and amazing characters. It's worth all the time I spent playing it. Wish I could've seen more about Luna, Apollo and Selene as a trio, I love their dynamic. I miss the characters and the whole group together already

the story is complete and still leaves a lasting impression ,the same goes for aria.the combination of decryption and story is perfect,not all rmgame can achieve it.Anyway, I like it!

im getting an error message saying i need rpgvxace to run the game?

Download RPG VX Ace from this site: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package

ik but i feel like this is something you shouldn't need to do for a game? Like updating your driver's and stuff sure but downloading a whole extra program seems a little much? Especially since i haven't any idea what this program is or does.

And if you as the player need to download an extra program to play they should tell people in the description aswell so that you're aware beforehand

I agree with you. But don't worry it's nothing dangerous.developers have mentioned it.maybe you missed it.

Are you still active on itch.io or can I find more content elsewhere? I love both of these games and need hope that there will be more. <3

honetly not sure havent seen lydia around for quite some time qwq

I didn't find any other projects of lydia . She is currently working on a remake of Midnight Train. You can check her Twitter if you're interested.

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It keeps telling me "unable to find file : Graphics/Characters/Vehicle"


Hi, I'd like to play the game but it says that graphics/characters/vehicles are not found. I downloaded the VX Ace RTP so it let me open the game but I couldn't play anything because when I tried to start a new one, it would tell show that error message. Does anyone know how to fix this?

ok, did you just extract the game? or whole?

Hi! Thanks for the response, I've managed to figure out what the problem was. I think it had something to do with how I installed or extracted the RTP. I deleted the files, downloaded them again and extracted them. Since then, the game has been working. 

btw, the game is great. But, the puzzles are bit complicated for me, but i can get through it all 


Wen updet?. or no more update because of last chapter

They're currently remaking the game in RPG Maker MV with updated sprites and some new graphics.


oh, i forgot, thanks


how i can put the game in full screen? ;(


I belive this thread may be useful.


the game still's keep opening in a minimized screen :,[


Could you please explain what you did? Did you try any of the solutions in the thread?

i did exactly what you say. i tried too the F6, F8 and ALT + ENT

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Ok, i made a tutorial. It works with Windows 10 i dunno about Windows 11. Here is the link. If that doesn’t work look up on google “how to make a window full screen in windows”


Easily one of the best rpg maker games ive ever played, I came here right after finishing Aria's Story and loved every second of it
One thing i really appreciated was how Luna was mute!! I have a speech impediment as well, im not completely mute anymore thanks to speech therapy but do still use  a notepad to communicate sometimes and it made me really happy to see a character like that ^^
Im so glad i found this game bcos it's one of those games that i know ill never forget
Thank you for making this!!


just finished the game and i have to say the game dev has improved alot from arias story! i got more and more attached to the characters after knowing their backstories and seeing them develop throughout all 4 chapters :) there r also more drawn cutscenes so thats cool and also an ENDING SONG??? like i seriously was not expecting that so the sequence hit ten times harder 

puzzles are also quite well thought! if u get stuck theres a hint option. 

this games gonna have me brainrotting for a while HAHAHA 


just started playing and i already love the idea of a helpless companion whom you have to constantly help HAHA + the help tab in the menu where you get to chat with him is really cool too!

side note for mac users: if you're using porting kit for the game and got a popup about rpg maker vxace rtp being required, download it from here: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package run the setup.exe in porting kit to download the rtp folder and make sure to save the rtp folder to the midnight train folder; then go to the midnight train folder and copy all the vx ace rtp folder's audio fonts files etc into the game folder's audio and fonts files

https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/easy-mac-porting.41524/ this helped a lot


Absolute masterpiece, nothing has made me feel this much emotion in years. 10/10 would cry again. Also I would totally buy a Lawton&Wyndell detective agency shirt

i loved this game really
i'm seriously crying even now
i cried for every chapter
i need to raccomend this game to everyone 


words cant express how happy I am that you made a second game :) absolutely LOVED arias story

Incredible game! Filled with a lot of emotional story and great puzzles. 

My playthrough: 


My thoughts on the game:

  • A lot of emotion and detail is put into the story, quite amazing!
  • I don't understand why Diana doesn't go on the train with the others, she could at least try. In other words, what's gonna happen if she walks into the train with them? Or is there some magical barrier that stops her?
  • What does Diana eat?
  • I really like the puzzles, not too easy but not too hard either. Especially not as unforgiving as Aria's story.
  • More thoughts may come later on!

Overall, I'm really enjoying the game so far. Amazing job! :)

it says I cant play because I require RPGVXAce RTP :( did I do something wrong

(2 edits)

yeah you need RPGVXEAce RTP to play ,the one  that the creator of the game gave didn't work for me so i deleted some parts of the link and i found this page , i download the package and installed it  and then i was able to play  :D    RPG Maker RTP Downloads | RPG Maker | Make A Game! (rpgmakerweb.com)

hope that can help you 

and if you don't trust  it or if  it doesn't work , here is the original link  http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages/thankyou-rtp-vx-ace?

the original link have "thankyou-rtp-vx-ace? " at the end and i found it strange so i deleted it then i found the first link :) 

ah tysm it worked but then it just says to be continued instead of letting me play the next chapter even though the download says all chapters 

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

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this is a masterpiece, i cried a lot in the end, btw copycat and serenity best girl >w<


Downright incredible


One of the best game i have  ever played


Finally able to play other chapters. As expected of lydia. One of the best game I have played.

hello everyone. I've been playing this game for a while now and i'd like to ask on how to solve the puzzle on the third building (the mine building) the precise place is the mirror room. I don't know what i should search there

its been 5 months so ur prolly done with that puzzle but just incase! all u need to do is avoid the other neils and find a mirror that reflects a non-bloody neil, then choose to "touch it":D to get to the mirror i think u just go to the far right then go down


Hahah 😅😅. Actually i haven't finish that hospital level. Since i could skip the level, i decided to do that. I don't know why, but every game with hospital level gives some creep in me, that's why i want to finish that level ASAP.

In short, yeah i finish the game but without the feature of skipping that level i would never have finished it. The game is really good by the way.


This game is a masterpiece
Nothing made me cry that much in months

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I can play the game on andriod using Joiplay since it can run rpgmaker vx ace and it runs perfectly like Aria's Story but it wont let me continue to chapter 2. Does it need something a pc can only do? Help dont know what to do.

Deleted 282 days ago
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