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beautiful game and characters were lovely, and I rarely find multiple endings I am happy with but I loved them and this whole game!!

I dont know why but whatever I do the game isnt full screen in fact its a very small tab Its hard to see anything and Ive done practicaly anything I can, does this happen to anyone else? 

try f5/6 maybe 

try alt+enter

i just finnished the game and got the perfect ending, looks like my villian genes r kicking in bwhahahahaha ( ´▽`) 

the disorted aria is sooo cuuuuuuuute~it’s splendid how i get to kill the other characters, especially the librarian, i knew smth was up with aria the whole timeee (i played the midnight train before so i kinda saw it comming) 

anyways time to go get the other endings :3

No sé si sea un problema o la versión venga así por defecto, perooo, al iniciar el juego no escucho ningún soundtrack, simplemente los efectos y sonidos del juego, al entrar como tal a la historia, me pasa exactamente lo mismo, solo escucho los efectos, es un error o así es el juego? 

(Jugué hace poco midnight Train y me encantó, al descubrir que había otro juego de la misma creadora lo descargue, aún no he jugado por completo Aria's Story ya que me parece que la música es parte importante del juego y sin ella me parece extraño jugarlo xd) 

¡Me ha encantado! Sobre todo el arte y la paleta de colores. No sólo es entretenido sino agradable a la vista. Algo que me gusta mucho es que tenga varios finales, lo que lo hace rejugable. Y el aura de misterio que tiene la trama.

(sorry for bad english/typo I'm french)  I spent such a good time on this game! Finally had the true end and I am sobbing in my bed right now... I recommend this game!!! I loved everything in it!!! 


its one of the best games ever very original and interesting 10 out of 10


This game is incredibly immersive and the art is beautiful, really like it


this is such a cool game, lovely visuals and cool art, hopefully yall make more 


i've also made a stream to your game, and i will make more


i love this game so much. i love the characters, the plot and everything in general. this entire playhtrough took me about 7 hours tho but worth it

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Not sure why but on my Windows, some of the feathers you can't save at, (most notably the first one and one right at the start of chapter 4) and sometimes you have to confirm multiple times on the save button before it will save. So far it hasn't been much of an issue but I just died at the start of chapter 4 and will have to go through everything between my last save and the non-working save again.

Edit: what I mean by you can't save is that I just keep pressing save but it keeps making a click/no effect sound no matter how many times I press.

It would be great if you made a real book one.

Where can i get additional content?

what do you mean by that? XD

It's amazing so far! But how on earth do I go full screen??

just press F6

you can use F6 to make the display bigger and most indie games like this one (and this one as i've used it) you can also press F5 to get that full screen view but atleast for this game it doesnt change the resolution and the game size wont be bigger that what F6 allows

this game is just wondeful. I love every character and getting attached to them is very easy, even though the game is "small", i think it's what gives it its charm and what its all about

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is it just me or i can't run? like my shift key doesn't i can't pass the chapter 2..

I just downloaded and tried it, running works.

maybe try your other shift button? does your shift work when you do capital letters (like holding shift to make a B instead of hitting caps then letter then caps) if that doesnt work then maybe it'd your keyboard as i didnt have any issues with it either. it could be a button lock too? like numlock or something

it get closed in some places when I try to open the inventory.I couldn't get past the part where I took the coin from the rabbit. 


-Made a Video.

This feels like one of those classic RPG Maker games, I like it a lot. It reminds me a lot of The Witch's House, mostly because the amount of death that you can get in this game. Honestly, it's really interesting to see all of those random death that you can get.

Of course, it also reminds of another classic, Ib. Yes, I know it said that this game is inspired by it in the description, but the exploration, the puzzle, and even the atmosphere in the game itself really remind me a lot of it.

There are quite a lot of chapters in this game and they're all pretty interesting, but my favorite chapter in the entire game has to be the Romance chapter. It's long, but I really liked the puzzle it has, and it is also the calmest out of all the chapters in my opinion.

That's all I could say really. Go give it a try! It's a pretty fun game.

I really liked this game, from the characters design to the story about what happened in the library and why Aria is there. The drawings, the mini-games and the atmosphere were just so so suggestive that I finished the game in like 1 day and an half. Great job!! 

<3 send love to u xoxo

Does anyone know the code for the good/true ending??

you have to get the good or true ending to get the code.
atleast thats what the thingy says when you read it.

if it's not there try google or the lucky/unlucky numbers that you get in the comedy section which wassssssssssss.... idk the order but 4,7,2,13 i think 7 and 2 being lucky numbers.

i have officially reached the ending and the code is 180112 i you're insisting on not playing the other endings though i will say playing the other endings is recommended for the code space

Good game.. it was hard knowing how to progress sometimes(I needed to resort to a guide before chapter one) Biggest thing... DOORS ;-; theres no way to differienate between a wall and a door. I spent a stupid amount of time in the same area not knowing there was another room ;-; Patterns emerged but still.. Twas hard.

one of my favorite games i really need more games like this it's so goooood

this game was SO GOODDD so excited for more ! <3

Would like to play this game but i have a question. Are the jumpscares like super scary?


No. It's quite light, only "spooky". No jumpscares, only classic rpg maker spooks.

I think the authors tried to be on the safe side with that warning, but anyway, feel free to play this anytime.


Thank you very much. I actually played the whole game before you made this comment and i must say at first, i was quite tense waiting for the jumpscares. But then i relaxed a bit, nonetheless i enjoyed the puzzles and the reveal at the end!




if you've seen the cute little jumpscare signs from spooky's scary mansion these jumpscares are basically that.

theres also only one chase in the game and it's super short so you wont need to worry too much

greetings from your fellow easy to scare human :3


Awesome game (totally not abt to cry). I loved the BGM and the puzzles and the story. My favourite character defo is wendy, u can prolly guess my fav ending too lol

i like the game but i wish it said horror in the genre cuz i wasnt prepared T-T

soo scary!

played this in the library (very fitting!) and gasped out loud when i got killed by the huge teddy haha this was very enjoyable thank you :)


I did some fanart of Aria!


holy..thats really amazing! your such a great artist! 

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I don't play many games because the story line is just everywhere but this was amazing! Every scene was creative. The piano caught me off guard and I laughed for minute's just because of how much it startled me and how crazy it was. The only real problem I have with it is the riddle with legs. I had to cheat and look it up.  I really hope you make more games and I can be their to play them all and hopefully in the future, get more people to play them as well.

Bro why are you spoiling the game?? Let others find out for themselves!

Hope I fixed it. I didn't mean t

Lydia actually has two games that are somehow connected! just telling you, incase if you wanna check that one out as well! i really like it + its currently getting reworked, so u might wanna wait for it, or not!

I loved this game, intriguing plot and nice jumpscares. May I propose an Italian patch? I could help with that


is there an age rating for this game?

I really loved how does the game looked like


Part 2 of my playtrough 


Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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you have to press alt + enter to enter the fullscreen mode, to exit the fullscreen just press the same buttons.



The game is refusing to work and can't be troubleshooted. Why won't it work

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No, I downloaded it. What do you mean app?

itch has an app, it runs better there

Where do I get it?


one of the best games i have ever played

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