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Awesome game (totally not abt to cry). I loved the BGM and the puzzles and the story. My favourite character defo is wendy, u can prolly guess my fav ending too lol

i like the game but i wish it said horror in the genre cuz i wasnt prepared T-T

soo scary!

played this in the library (very fitting!) and gasped out loud when i got killed by the huge teddy haha this was very enjoyable thank you :)


I did some fanart of Aria!

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I don't play many games because the story line is just everywhere but this was amazing! Every scene was creative. The piano caught me off guard and I laughed for minute's just because of how much it startled me and how crazy it was. The only real problem I have with it is the riddle with legs. I had to cheat and look it up.  I really hope you make more games and I can be their to play them all and hopefully in the future, get more people to play them as well.

Bro why are you spoiling the game?? Let others find out for themselves!

Hope I fixed it. I didn't mean t

I loved this game, intriguing plot and nice jumpscares. May I propose an Italian patch? I could help with that


is there an age rating for this game?

I really loved how does the game looked like


Part 2 of my playtrough 


Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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you have to press alt + enter to enter the fullscreen mode, to exit the fullscreen just press the same buttons.



The game is refusing to work and can't be troubleshooted. Why won't it work

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No, I downloaded it. What do you mean app?

itch has an app, it runs better there

Where do I get it?


one of the best games i have ever played





Will there be a Brazilian Portuguese version?

I need help, I can't record this game on OBS or Camtasia

record a screen not window


Part 7 OUT NOW!

I played it before, thought it was good story! drama

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Part 6 OUT NOW!


Part 5 OUT NOW!


Part 4 OUT NOW!

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Part 3 OUT NOW!


Part 2 OUT NOW!


This will definitely be a series on the channel

This game was truly beautiful. It was just a bit too long maybe

How long would you say exactly?

About maybe 6-7 hours if you play it thoroughly

Okay. Thanks!


While playing, I encountered the fact that I could not save with the second save point, as my game kept crashing. but otherwise, I enjoyed the game and cant wait to share it to YouTube!


It keeps crashing when I try to save at the second save point


Will this game ever come to mac? I started playing this game on my windows computer but then I got a mac computer making me unable to play this game again so is there any chance this game will be made for mac?

Okay nvm . I got it lol

if i lose the rock-paper-scissors am i stuck? i dont understand the guide, the east room is locked

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O jogo é muito bom, joguei faz um tempo já.

I took my sweet time playing this game, but jeez, it was hella satisfying and yes, you got me with spooks, a lot!

Part 2 cause ofc I couldn't play all of this great game at once

Part 3 cause you all spook me with this game and it kills me inside

Part 4 cause I love this game even though it made me wanna cry with fear

Part 5 even though I completely forgot to drop the link here! XD

And Part 6 too!


One of the most emotional trips I've experienced. An emotional puzzle game filled with surprises. Playtime is roughly around ~4 hours.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • The music is incredible! Plays right on time and brings quite the mood. The only thing I would comment about when it comes to the music is that it can get quite repetitive at the endings, due to how long the endings are.
  • Some of the endings are fairly long which is quite unusual, sometimes the characters would "talk too much" about the same thing over and over again, especially in bad ending 1.
  • This game gave me horrible spooks! I never thought any other game could scare me as much as Ao Oni, but this definitely takes that spot.
  • There are some sections where dying is unavoidable and you have to do constant trial and error to figure out where to go or what to do, such as the bunny chase scene, I didn't know which door to go to at all and it took me just about 5-6 tries to figure that out.
  • This game made me cry.

Overall, the game is probably one of my most favourite games featured on my channel. It's insane seeing the amount of work put into it, and I'm very thankful to have the luxury of this experience. 

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I remember played this game a couple years ago, what a amazing game, really good art and the BGM really makes the game better, but hte history I think is the best, really good job.

Recommend this game 100%, Gretings from México!!!

Beautiful! ❤️

I just want to re-play the game! I remember it was really fun with all the puzzles that this have! Excelent finals btw

This was quite the gem! I loved the library theme and the literary references throughout the game. I got the normal ending, but I enjoyed it so much that I'm definitely going to go back and try to get the others now. Overall, great job!

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