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I remember played this game a couple years ago, what a amazing game, really good art and the BGM really makes the game better, but hte history I think is the best, really good job.

Recommend this game 100%, Gretings from México!!!

Beautiful! ❤️

I just want to re-play the game! I remember it was really fun with all the puzzles that this have! Excelent finals btw

This was quite the gem! I loved the library theme and the literary references throughout the game. I got the normal ending, but I enjoyed it so much that I'm definitely going to go back and try to get the others now. Overall, great job!

Felt like playing RPG Maker games for a nostalgia trip (dont play them often anymore but used to back in the 2000s era). Probably the best one to stumble upon. Story, cutesy art style, and pixel art had me hooked and feeling nostalgic in the best ways. Free, but definitely had to support! 

Omg very good game !!!

I am in love with this game really lol... it's fantastic ... you can even check here 

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Omgosh, I had so much fun playing this (when I actually solved the puzzles🤭)

I would really love to know what you think of the Narrators voice😊(and everyone else's I worked really hard to edit it and had a blast), do you think it fits her? 🤔

Great game you really put a lot of detail into everything (it crashed twice but that's okay) 😁👍

PLsssss make it for android,,,  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

You can play it with Joiplay app

me encanto el juego apenas ayer lo termine, y no dormi hasta completar todos los finales, me voy directo a juagar el del tren :D

what is the password or where i can find it?

tienes que completar el final bueno o el final verdadero, es recomendable terminar todos los finales antes de usarlo para entender el contenido extra, no es muy importante pero si interesante, aqui lo dejo por si te interesa, pero repito, mejor termina todos los finales antes de acceder

codigo: 180112

PD: perdon por la respuesta en español, no hablo mucho ingles

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I don't know how to have these endings

I can't use the password i nedd to have true ending or good ending but i don't know how even get one of them :(

la contraseña no es necesaria para esos finales, depende de lo que hagas te da distintos finales, el codigo es solo contenido extra separado del juego

mi consejo es que guardes antes de conseguir la llave oxidada, desde ahi, lo que hagas decide el final, son solo algunas variaciones en lo que decidas

Wendy is best girl.


Really loved this game. It was very fun and has such a great story.

So far this is a great game.

Really Coooool

i really like this game !!!!

Can someone tell me how many ending this had?


many different endings depending on which door u pick, whether u lie or tell the truth to that one brown haired kid.


为什么繁体中文版要小很多Why is the traditional Chinese version much smaller?


嘿,这游戏居然有中文,真的太棒了,爱了,爱了,This game is in Chinese, Love, Love.


how many endings are there


this game is absolutely amazing!! on the same tier as the classics for me such as the witch's house and ib. playing this game was so fun and such an emotional experience at the same time. i ADORE rpg horror games and though by the end this game doesn't necessarily fall into the horror genre, it was still an amazing story!! <3


i knew from a certain point that aria was dead, but the reveal along with the actions of the other characters still got me in the end aha. the secret code area is so lovely, and the stuff clyde says about cherishing your loved ones really stuck with me. lewin was my fav character from when he met aria, and i love the romance between dahlia and clyde (i agree with wendy about them confessing hehe). the art for this story is amazing and i want to make some fanart! hopefully i can do them justice :3 it's super late now because this game was longer than i anticipated (not complaining!! it rlly sucked me in!!) but i will definitely be playing your other game mentioned tomorrow!! thank you so much for creating such a memorable story. i'm lucky to have found it, and i'm glad i went through the hassle of installing windows on my mac to play it haha <33

I totally agree with you! Is such an amazing game 

I love this game its just that at the part where you choose the code its really hard..I know this is rude sorry.. :(

I played this game two years ago and just recently watched my friend play through it and damn I still get so emotional. such a good game.

I finally finished the entire game, and, I can't express how amazing of an experience this was. I thank the entire team for making this treasure, I'll never forget this story.


traslate in italian pls

How to translate RPG Maker VX Ace games?

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Would've loved to have played more than I did, however every time I tried to save in the bookshelf hallway next to the horror shelf, the game would freeze and then close and I would have to re open it and start from my previous save.
Other than that, so far it looks amazing! Very cute but also some creepy drawings, has very good dialogue and fun gameplay.


pls translate in portuguese

I gave it a go...

One of the best RPG Maker games i played

Wonderfull game, i've  got a normal ending but i still happy with it :D

NE is the best Ending to me ;;v;;

i have a problem.

i like the game, but everytime I exit it it erases my progress! How do I get my saved data back ? 


Were you using the blue feather saving points? If so, were you clicking keep reading then load bookmark when you open the game?


I'm a year late but I've finished playing the game, experiencing all endings.

I love this so much, the impact of the story was massive on me. 
It was truly heart-wrenching that even 2 days later after playing, my heart still hurts.
It made me happy, sad, nervous, a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Glad I found this game, it's a good thing I decided to look for RPGM Horror games again after a long time.
This was very well done, made me jump, scream a lot, and cry too.

Thank you for making Aria's Story, I highly recommend everyone to play!


is there any way you can make this game available for a mac


pls traslate in italian 


I would gladly play this game live if you do the Italian translation, I would be happy

This game is GAS so far! Love the Corpse Party vibes! 

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